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Police Officer Handcuffs 11-Year-Old Boy For Dribbling


11 Year Old Handcuffed for Playing Basketball   #LivingWhileBlack


How sad is it that an 11 y/o kid, a 5th grader gets handcuffed at a gym for playing basketball? BASKETBALL. AT. A. GYM. Maybe this cop was unaware but… that’s what a gym is for.

And then to say, “I know you hear me, boy” is just disgusting. Is that necessary to say? In that tone? And you know damn well that he didn’t hear you. If what he was doing was oh-so-terriblly-illegal (again, just a reminder, playing basketball) then you would have taken your ass over there and confronted him for his wrongdoing. But no, you see that he’s in a crowded area, while his mother is in another section of the gym, you wait, you WAIT until he’s done playing, planning to leave after he’s had fun being a kid… to arrest him. Hm, must not have been something so severe that you waited for him to be done playing and then for him to start leaving before you handcuff him. And then to say, “Now you’ll see how it feels to be arrested.” …What kind of disgusting sadistic pervert are you? To say that to a child? Are you proud of yourself sergeant? Does that make you feel powerful to arrest an 11 y/o who was playing basketball? Does it make you feel like you’re wearing your badge proud? Did you really need to use force on this kid? Did that power trip make you feel good?

Then you try to blame the mother by saying, “There’s a sign here that says parents need to stay with their kids.” LOL. I actually can’t. I literally cannot.

Officer, it’s not even that she was in a different part of the building, she was in the same gym but in a different area attending to other children… What the fuck were you doing? Harassing an 11 y/o? Good for you. 👏🏾

The reason the cop gave is the most comical thing about this indecent, he was handcuffed for: being “disrespectful” because the kid couldn’t hear the cop when he asked him to stop dribbling his ball in a gym where he knows damn well is loud because of the other children playing there.

Pause. One, why are you asking him to stop dribbling? He’s in a gym, what do you think kids do in a gym? Two, why didn’t you approach the dozens of other children also playing? Why did you single this child out?

For one, being disrespectful is not lawfully grounds for an arrest. Just because you have a badge, a gun, and a uniform doesn’t mean you need to exert your presence and the authority that you hold. Secondly, why didn’t you seek out the guardian of the child, who you were well aware was a child because you saw the dozens of other parents and their children in the gym? Yet another wrong move. No wonder his dept doesn’t want to publicly speak out on the manner.

He’ll most likely not even get a slap on the wrist. His “punishment” will be paid suspension. Sad.

Congrats on leaving your mark to a child, for scarring that child who is now afraid of the people who are supposed to be protecting him. Kudos. 👏🏾

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