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1st Female Marine Combat Platoon Leader


U.S. Marines 1st Woman Combat Platoon Leader   #She’sOneOfUs


Oml the reactions are ridiculous. It’s comical, not that it’s literally hilarious but that people are still in that cave mindset that all females are weak and that all men are strong. Newsflash— that isn’t the case. For one, ethnic background plays a huge role in your genetic makeup. So yes, females from certain countries are stronger than their men. (Shocker, I know.) 😑

Of the first 50 reactions that I went through, all were from men. (No surprise there.)

Many said things along the lines of “This country is doomed.” to “Does she get her own bathroom?” to “I’d hate to be in her platoon during her time of the month.” even to “I’d clock her in the jaw to show her how much stronger I am than her.” It goes on and on and it honestly just makes me laugh at the ignorance.

So to all you haughty cocky men, how about YOU join the marines? How about YOU go through boot camp? How about YOU go through the 13 week course to even be considered to become a platoon leader? What’s that? Too much of a struggle for you? You don’t need to? You shouldn’t have to? Lol, of course you’d say that.

How about you shove your dick up your ass, bite your tongue, and give her the proper Semper Fi she deserves for serving her fucking country; serving your fucking country and protecting your ungrateful ass? She went through the exact same training that every other person goes through to join the marines, and then extra training to be considered to become a platoon leader. So, why are you prideful? Why are you disdainful towards her? She’s obviously ample of the standards required from the Marines, they wouldn’t let just anyone become a marine; let alone a platoon leader.

Don’t get it twisted. Learn to humble yourself. That ego that you have is emitting a foul black aura and it’s poisonous… keep it to yourself.

Semper Fi First Lt. Marina A. Hierl. Thank you for your service.

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